Born out of sheer astonishment at the capabilities of the incredible Black Soldier Fly that he had just learned of, BSF Organic was founded in January 2020 by Andrew Porter. A period of extensive and intensive research promptly ensued, and partnerships were formed with directors and mentors with acumen to bring this organic operation to the forefront of the waste disposal and agricultural industries. The management team are united by their communal values of environmental consciousness and individual responsibility, underpinned by a commitment to business excellence.

A collective breadth of life and business experience left the BSF Organic team asking: what is the catch? They understand that when something sounds too good to be true, it generally is. The Black Soldier Fly is an exception.

BSF Organic is a viable business model, not merely a vessel for research and conceptualising. The Black Soldier Fly bio conversion process is a true circular economy with great potential for vertical integration; it is a way to consume organic waste cleanly with no waste, whilst also producing value add products that contribute in a positive way to our world. It is a business model that the BSF Organic team are proud to represent in its current form, and it is a basis for exponential potential… Annually in Australia, nearly four million people experience food insecurity. We believe there is enormous growth latency across sectors including developing by-products for human consumption. Continually demonstrating that it is not too good to be true, the Black Soldier Fly can facilitate a myriad of practical applications in the waste sector.

BSF Organic Pty Ltd. Is basing its pilot project in a beautiful heritage listed building: The Corio Distillery Complex at 35 Lowe Street, Corio. This is made possible by the generosity of John Mactier of Distillery Logistics.

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