Bio Conversion Process

The intention of BSF Organic is to reduce landfill and greenhouse gas emissions by harnessing the ability of Black Soldier Fly larvae to consume organic waste, simultaneously utilising this bio conversion process and creating a sustainable commercial enterprise.

The lifecycle of a Black Soldier Fly is relatively short, and encompasses of 4 stages:

  • Eggs: 2-3 days to hatch into larvae
  • Larvae: 3-4 weeks to consume organic waste and evolve into pupae
  • Pupa: 3-7 days to turn into flies
  • Flies:  3-7 days alive, during which they reproduce and die

It is during the larvae phase that the organic waste consumption occurs, where on average 2.5 grams of eggs will turn into 40,000 grams (40 Kilograms) of protein and 80,000 grams (80 Kilograms) of frass. This gargantuan output is fuelled by the consumption of 200,000 grams (200 Kilograms) of organic waste.

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