What we do

  1. Discuss how many bins you will require and at what size (120litre / 500litre)

  2. Provide FREE BSF Organic bins and drop off without any extra fees.

  3. Once the bins are full of food scraps, we will collect on the arranged food disposal collection date.

  4. Replace the old full bin with a fresh, thoroughly cleaned out one – this will avoid any harmful bacteria building up inside.

  5. Invoice you with the collection fee and payment will be taken out monthly through direct debit.

What you do

  1. Remove all food scraps from the kitchen daily - or more frequently if required depending on how much food wastage there is.

  2. Arrange regular disposal collection. Food waste that is not collected for some time after disposal is incredibly attractive to pests.

  3. Do not allow the food waste bin to overflow.

  4. Please ensure nothing else other than food waste, is to go in the bin.

  5. Finally, always wash your hands after transferring the food waste.

  6. No cleaning is necessary as we’ll make sure that they are cleaned after every pickup to avoid harmful bacteria to grow on the inside of the unit itself.

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Recycling food waste is good for the environment, returning valuable nutrients to the earth. It also reduces the production of methane and the volume of waste sent to landfill.

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