Our People

Neil McInnes - Director

Neil was a qualified builder and worked around Australia on hotels and motels. He was the 1st fire-fighter chosen in 1972 when the MFB went from 24/24 hours to 10/14 shift. Neil retired after 15 years and received the National Medal. From 1992- 1996 Neil worked as Managing Director for Saf-T-Glo.

Neil started up Way Out Evacuation Systems on February 1st, 1996. With his expertise in photo luminescence Neil has been involved in many major projects in Australia. Including working extensively with Department of Defence on major projects such as the Collins Class Submarine.

In 2020 Neil met Andrew Porter and was given the opportunity to join BSF organic as a director.

Derek Harbison - Director

Derek Harbison works with councils and businesses as a Renewable Energy consultant. He started his career in Education teaching in Secondary schools in Victoria before moving to Outdoor Recreation and facility management in his own business on Phillip Island in Victoria. Recently he has been developing Poly-source energy systems for aquatic centres, food factories and laundries to increase the efficiency of these operations. Derek has a strong interest in reducing carbon emissions in Australia and raising awareness of what is possible if building design and engineering teams can work more collaboratively on projects. He has recently been involved in the iHub design studio with Melbourne University to design a high efficiency aquatic centre with architecture and engineering students.

Wayne Allan

Wayne is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with 40 years in advanced Manufacturing.

He has previously worked in the fields of Nano Particle Pilot Plants, Carbon Fibre Technology and Food Technologies.

His previous positions include Geelong Wool Combing (Manufacturing Manager) and Ford Motor Company.

Currently Wayne is working with, Work Place Alliance as Engineering Manager and is also the Managing Director of C 6 Group Integrated Engineering Services.

Other current involvements are:

  • Institute Of Frontier Materials (Deakin University)
  • Katharsis COVID Technologies (Monash University)
  • Carbon Revolution
  • HeiQ International

Peter Lansell

Peter is the holder of many patents on a wide variety of subjects, many of which can be found by searching “Lansell Patents”. Many are less easy to find intentionally, and many have been classified because of their sensitive subject.

Peters’ interests include mineral processing and also waste conversion across the entire field, from food waste to toxic waste, and the efficient conversion of that waste into useful products.

Peters extensive experience includes:

  • 2001-2021 Intensive research and development into many aspects of leading-edge Chemistry and Physics with many universities around the world.
  • 2012-2013 Invited by the US Navy to dispose of legacy Iraqi Chemical Warfare Munitions
  • 2011-2012 Invited by the US Department of Energy to decommission the Manhattan project Uranium mine at Moab in Utah USA
  • 2008-2010 Project manager for Morton Thiokol in solid fuel propulsion systems in the USA. General manager of a number of rocket fuel systems developed for the Australian Army

Santo Alessi

Santo started his working life in the building industry before joining the military in 1971. He served for 2 years as a Gunner in the 4th Field Regiment.

Santo has an extensive background in the waste removal industry as well as steel manufacturing.

In 1989 Santo was invited by Peter Gillon to run a world leading ceramics business (Unique Pottery). He stayed there for 30 years.

He is now semi-retired and enjoys trying his hand at anything. Santo has joined BSF Organic because of his interest in the environment and circular economies.

Steven Reed

Stevens background in fitting and machining has seen him working at several companies in the Geelong region but started his journey with Kinetic Engineering where he learnt the skills of his trade. The most notable company where Stevens workmanship has been utilized is Carbon Revolution where he began as a maintenance technician but after deciding to study took on the role of programming a 5-axis CNC machine for cutting carbon fibre wheels as a part time role to whilst studying full time. Through out this time he was offered work at a much more diverse range of sites through Workplace Alliance allowing for a wide breadth of knowledge, skills and experience to be developed.

Steven is currently completing a Bachelor of Science at Deakin University and has also been busy aiding Raceplates, a local business to design and manufacture rotary engines. Through his community science project work he was recommended to attend a special entrepreneurial unit that was in the process of being trialled and is where his intrigue into hydroponic and aquaponic vertical farming was developed.

Now with BSF Organic Steven is using his backgrounds in engineering and science to design aquaponic systems that will be home to experiments involving black soldier fly’s and larvae in the diets for fish stocks and the potential benefit for flora within the system.

Rory Cantwell

Studied statistics, research methods and business at Swinburne. Has worked in a variety of fields, most recently engineering and mushroom production.

Qing Wu – Bookkeeper

A corporate specialist with over 12 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping across technology, media and startup industries.

Qing's is passionate about delivering real commercial outcomes.

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